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From the Heartland

Available for public viewing starting

June 10, 2024 on YouTube.

“From the Heartland” was filmed locally as a partnership of the Feikema family and Director/Editor Matthew Coddaire.

From the Heartland is a candid depiction of American Agriculture, and the rural towns that are reliant on its success. But when an industry’s ability to thrive is dependent on progress, how does the family farm discard the practices that have been passed down through generations, to try something new and save the land?

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Listen to our Down on the Farm segment with host Angie Houselog as we talk about our farming operation on KLOH 1050 AM.

Thanks to Christensen Broadcasting, LLC. KLOH 1050 AM for sharing this clip with us.

Feikema FarmsDown on the Farm
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Listen: Down on the Farm

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